Elder Abuse

Nursing Home Elder Abuse Lawyer Woodland Hills CA

Elder Abuse is a Fast Growing Problem

Nursing Home Elder Abuse Lawyer Woodland Hills CAWe are pleased to provide a free consultation to either the elder resident or to relatives of elder residents/patients who want to investigate the possibility of filing a claim for elder abuse. Contact our law firm to learn how we can help.

Today, more and more senior citizens are living in a “senior care” facility; it might be a convalescent home, a skilled nursing facility, or a board and care home. These seniors are often not able to communicate their needs effectively. As a result, they suffer physical injuries (like bed sores) or from the effects of not having their daily needs met (like dehydration or illness from poor nutrition). More often than not, it becomes the duty of relatives or close friends to “speak up” for the resident at such a facility when he or she cannot speak up for themselves.

How Do I Know If My Relative Is Suffering Abuse?

Anyone who visits a resident at such a senior care facility regularly will notice changes in the resident’s condition. Loss of weight, poor attention, trouble speaking or understanding conversation can be signs that serious abuse or neglect are to blame for such a change in the resident’s condition. If visits or phone calls from relatives are not often, the care facility’s staff comes to believe that less care can be given to that resident because “no one is watching.”

The best way to monitor the resident’s condition is with either regular visits or phone calls to check up on the resident’s care. If you suspect that the resident is not being given needed care, speak to the facility administrator or manager to get information on the resident’s condition and care. If you still suspect that neglect or physical abuse is occurring, you should immediately consult with an experienced elder abuse lawyer, who can assist you in getting necessary care for the resident and damages for injuries suffered by the resident.

What Damages Are Available For Elder Abuse?

The law provides reimbursement for injuries and other damages suffered by the resident/patient, and each case is dependent upon its own facts. Other legal remedies may also be available. In addition, if the abuse led to the death of the resident, an elder abuse attorney can advise you that the heirs of the elder resident may have a claim for damages wrongful death of the resident/patient.

Under the Elder Abuse Law in California, under some circumstances, the resident’s personal representative can file a lawsuit to recover the “pain and suffering” the resident suffered before his or her death as a result of elder abuse or neglect. An experienced elder abuse attorney can advise you what damages can be recovered depending upon the facts of the particular case.

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